5 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Add a unique touch to your wedding with these 5 amazing DIY ideas!

Wedding Invitations

Create unique wedding invitations using pictures of you and your loved one. Capture some shots with your instax camera, or print off a variety of images with the SHARE SP-2 Printer; these could be from special days out, holidays or just fun selfies.

Photo Booth

Set up a fun photo booth and get your guests to pose and take pictures of each other. Raid your local party shop for cheap and cheerful backdrops like foil curtains, bunting and balloons to decorate your booth area, and make or purchase fun props for guests to pose with. Set up your instax Wide 300 camera on a tripod to make sure it’s framed perfectly, so your guests can take turns shooting fun pictures.

Memory Board

Pop a couple of instax cameras on a table and encourage your guests to take pictures throughout the celebrations, or provide a SHARE SP-2 Printer, so they can print directly from their phones. Next, set up a pinboard and ask guests to put up their favorite prints from the day.

It’s a great group activity, but you’ll also go home with images taken by your loved ones. Guests could even send their favorite pictures before the event, so you can pin them up ready (something to consider mentioning in your invitations!). If you don’t want to damage your prints, get your guests to tuck them under pins already fixed to the board, use Blu-Tack or attach string across the board and use pegs to hang the images.

Table And Place Cards

If you’re naming tables use instax prints and a permanent marker to indicate the table and where each guest should sit. For example, you could name a table ‘Flora’ and shoot different macro flowers for each guest.

Custom Favor Boxes

Attach an instax print to the boxes for your wedding favors. You could create a message, use a shot of the person you’re giving the gift to or one of you and them together.