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instax SQUARE Link™
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Go beyond the frame™

Give your creativity new shape with the fascinating instax SQUARE Link™ Smartphone Printer. With AR features and new ways to connect, your favorite moments are about to burst out of their frame.

System Compatibility


Print Mode Icon

Smartphone Printer

Dedicated App


INSTAX Connect™

Frame Print

AR Print

Colors Ash White


instax SQUARE Link™ Smartphone App

Print, scan, connect

Bring your pics to life using the free downloadable instax SQUARE Link™ Smartphone App by adding QR code-enabled AR effects right to your prints. Or share your instax® pics with friends via INSTAX Connect™.

AR Print Modes

Scan that QR, see that AR

Step into endless possibilities with AR Print. The first INSTAX feature to give your shots an extra dimension, just by scanning a QR code with your Smartphone.

Mode: Add Special FX

Tempting templates

Add an extra animated “wow” to your photos with some special FX originality. We’ve got birthday cakes, rainbows, bubbles and more for next level dazzle.

Mode: Add Text

Say more

Let your pics speak for themselves by adding a hidden message. Scan the QR code to see your text come to life and animate right before your eyes.

Mode: Add Photos


Why stop at just one pic? Use fun effects to add another photo to your photo, like a world within a world or maybe more of a meme within a meme.

Mode: Add Background

Give an eye-popping edge

Make a livelier impression by adding a translucent block of color to your photo. Will it complement, or add contrast to your shot? It’s your choice.

Mode: Add Doodle

Give a little freedom

Scribble absent-mindedly (or with intent) all over your photo. Whether it’s your new address or some extra hair on your latest hair-raising experience, get doodling.

Simple Print

Let's see those prints

You’ve got your shot lined up, now get creative. Use the free instax SQUARE Link™ Smartphone App to add text and effects, connect to your Bluetooth-enabled Smartphone and swipe up to print. Simple.

Video Print

Scrub and print

Have an action-packed video you’d like to freeze in time? Use the instax SQUARE Link™ App to pick the best still from your favorite video and enjoy your frozen moment.

Frame Print

In the frame

Show off your creativity by adding some flair to your print with a fun, decorative frame or filter.


It’s a sticker-off

Why limit yourself to just one sticker per shot when you’ve got over 1,600 in App stickers to choose from in the free downloadable instax SQUARE Link™ App?

Collage Print

Memories united

Let’s face it, the world is better when we come together. So pull all your favorite moments into one print thanks to Collage Print.

INSTAX Connect™

Sent with love

From one corner of the Earth to the other, instax Connect™ keeps you connected. Send and receive instax® pics, add commentary right to the photo and share via your favorite social media App, text message or email.

Design Focused

Ahead of the curve

Small, lightweight and ridged, the instax SQUARE Link™ is a handheld, pocket-sized dream in Ash White or Midnight Green.


The usual?

Why settle for one when you can easily print your favorite pic again and again and again. Hit the all-new function button on your instax SQUARE Link™ Smartphone Printer to make sure everyone gets a copy.

Color Modes

Look here!

Two looks, two stylish ways to let your pics shine. Print your pics in Rich Mode for a high contrast, bold take or Natural Mode to let your colors speak for themselves.

Sketch, Edit & Print

Make, believe

If you can dream it, you can print it. Design a drawing, import it in the App and voila: An editable sketch to apply to your favorite pic.

instax UP!™ App

Get the instax® experience with our Smartphone App

Introducing the instax UP!™ App, a new way to keep all your instax® photos digitally in one  place. Simply scan your physical instax® photos  with your Smartphone to turn them into sharable, digital photos that you can edit, tag and save.

Download the free instax UP!™ App

for Apple iOS and Android


Credit card-
sized joy.

The folks at Fujifilm went the extra mile to deliver prints that’ll last a lifetime, whether you’re putting them on your wall or sharing them with a friend.


Film type

  • Uses Fujifilm instax SQUARE instant film (available separately)

Film Size

  • Film Size – 86 mm x 72 mm
  • Picture Size – 62 mm x 62 mm

Development Time

  • Approx. 90 seconds (varies depending on ambient temperature)
  • 3-color exposure with OLED

Printing Resolution

  • 320 dpi

Printing Levels

  • 256 levels per color (RGB)

Interface Standard Compliance

  • IEEE802.11b/g, Operation frequency: 2.4GHz (5GHz is not supported.)

Supported Image Format


Printing Time

  • Image recording – photo output (Feed out) Approx. 12 sec.

Approximate Printing Capacity

  • Approx. 100 prints (based on our test conditions) (varies depending on the conditions of use)


  • Lithium ion battery (internal type: not removable)

Charging time

  • Approx. 90 minutes (Varies depending on the battery remaining level)

Power consumption

  • Approx. 3 W

Operating temperature

  • +5°C to + 40°C / +41°F to + 104°F (no condensation)

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